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If you'd like to learn more about us and our company we'd love to speak with you. We are currently looking for honest, hard working individuals that align with our core values.


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Our Programs

Free Lead Program

This program was designed to help newer agents or experienced agents that are looking for consistency.

In this program we provide:

- Full Schedule Monday - Friday.

- Direct Mail Leads at no cost.

- Preset Appointments at no cost.

- Training, Support and Resources at no cost.

We are looking for FULL TIME agents that are willing put in the time and energy that it takes to be successful.

70% Contract Level with Core Carriers.

Elite Program

This program allows for an agent to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) by leveraging high contract levels and being in control.

In this program we provide:

- Full Schedule Monday - Friday.

- Access to Direct Mail Leads.

- Access to Preset Appointments.

- Training, Support and Resources at no cost.

This program is best designed for the true INDEPENDENT agent that has experience.

120% Contract Level with Core Carriers.


This program was designed for agents that are happy where they are and they are just looking to keep building their momentum.

This program allows for you to just pick up missing carriers in your line-up with our organization.

You can continue to run your business exactly how you are running it, but now you will have a few additional carriers in your bag.

A lot of times this means having some "niche" carriers that pay out higher contract levels than your current carriers.

This is also a good program for agents that want to "feel" out our organization before joining.

Agency Owner

Do you currently have an agency or have a desire to build one? We have an entire system designed around that mindset. I personally went from being a field agent, to growing my own agency, to partnering my agency with a large Final Expense IMO and eventually selling it to a private equity firm. Now I am helping others follow the same system and path that I followed in order to experience that same financial freedom.

To explain in text what this program offers would be impossible. I will give you some bullet points and brief explanations, but if this is a program that interests you, we would need to have a conversation over the phone, through video chat or in person.

Our recruiting platform will ensure you are constantly speaking with potential agents.

An entire system to plug your new agents into to ensure you get them going quickly.

Access to capital and lines of credit to grow your business without seeing a dip in revenue.

Lead financing for your agency. Without leads, they can't produce, so we solved that for you.

Help with business tasks such as setting up your LLC, licensing your LLC, audited financials, etc.

Full acquisitions staff and attorneys on our team to help you acquire other agencies. And capital to do so.

Monthly business meetings to help you "check the health" of your agency and ensure it continues to grow.